Article 32 : A Bro doesn’t allow another Bro to get married until he’s at least thirty.

Marriage: Golden Wedding Tings

Marriage: One Ring to rule them all...

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  • Article 33 : bros never use stalls if they have to only urinate, and when using urinals never use the urinal directly beside another bro. If every other urinal is taken, a bro will take out his phone and play angry brids until a urinal is available.

  • Article 34: A Bro shall never pull rain checks on other Bros. These plans shall be on written document approved by all Bros in the geographic area. The only excuses that shall be aloud are those of family/friends funerals and/or hospital visits. Bros will respect plans and never change them.

  • Article 35: A Bro will respect another Bro’s dibs on a chick, even if the Bro has no chance with that chick. Also, a Bro will never go for a Bro’s ex until the Bro says its okay OR until that bro gets another chick.

  • Article 35: A bro never sleeps with an ex of a bro that has been a bro for longer than a year.

  • Article #35: A Bro is not allowed to be afraid during a scary movie if a chick is present no matter how terrifying the movie actually is.
    Side note: If you get scared to the point you’re about to pee, a Bro will wait for a time of little activity and will go leace for the restroom walking casually saying to any chick he is with that he will be right back.

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