Bros cannot make eye-contact during a Devil’s Three-way.

3some 2 men and a women

1st rule for a threesome: No eye-contact between bros!

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  • no crossing swords.

    • Don’t cross the streams either

  • I’d assume that some articles of the B-code would have to be broken in order for a devils threeway to ever occur in the first place.

  • a devils threesome is allowed?…..

  • No eye contact n no crossing swords if a bro breaks that code said bro can/ will lose his bro liscense haaa!!!

  • just awsom

  • L>M>F>A>O

  • Is eye contact allowed to complete an eiffel tower???

  • Hey guys, I think this is just nutts, a threesome is allowed if it’s two girls and one guy but not if vice versa? Real bros should be able to share their girl, remember that sharing is caring. And fuck off with your stupid rules, eye contact is fine (now crossing the swords isn’t).
    And by the way, why call it a Devil’s Threesome? Is an FMF threesome an “Angle’s Threesome”? That’s just ridiculous.

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