Bros don’t cuddle.

Orang Utan

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  • Dude come on… I got all the way to 76… Being the perfect Bro… But 77 killed me man!! absolutely!!!
    cuddling is alright dude… Make that Bro code 2.0….
    Kindly reconsider!

    • Relax, Joey. It means bro’s don’t cuddle each other. Cuddling with your chick is fine in bed or on the couch at your pad or her place. Just don’t do it in front of a bro. Besides, when a bro “cuddles” with his chick its called foreplay, dry-hump, etc. You get where I’m going, right? If the chicks want to call it “cuddling,”so be it.

      Unless you actually meant that you want to cuddle with your bro. In that case, you on the wrong site.

  • cuddling leads to foreplay… that leads to sex…that leads to forgetting that you had condoms in your jacket pocket at the front door next to your shoes and keys… which will in turn lead to an abrotion.
    Cuddling is a bad idea either way. Skip it all together if in doubt.

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