A Bro shall never rack jack his wingman. Rack jack is to steal your wingman’s chick.

To commemorate and solidify the unbreakable bond between the Bro and his wingman, it is recommended that before going out, each face the other, place his left hand on the Bro code, raise his right hand, and recite the wingman pledge.


Everyone needs a wingman

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  • The wingman pledge that is to be recited is as followed:
    “I will never rack-jack my wingman, no matter how hot the chick.

    I shall uphold the Bro Code to the fullest of my ability. I will never allow my wingman to go home with less than a six.

    If my wingman meets a hot chick with an ugly friend, I will jump on the grenade.

    If my wingman gets rejected by a chick, I shall unequivocally agree she sucked anyway, even if she seemed kind of cool and interesting..

    Should my wingman strike up a conversation with a chick of questionably legal age, I will endeavor to ascertain and verify her birth date.

    If I discover evidence that my wingman’s chick is in a relationship, I shall make that information available to him, unless it’s pretty clear he isn’t there.

    I shall honor and respect the dibs system.”

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